What services does NEWPLAN provide?

NEWPLAN'S legal team possess expertise in corporate finance, projects and infrastructure, energy, oil and gas and mining, corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, employment and employee benefits, real estate and conveyancing, tax and non-profit organisations. 

We act for Industry Regulators, International Financiers, the Government and Governmental Agencies and private Infrastructure Agencies.


We have expertise specifically in key areas of:

  • licensing and permitting,
  • regulatory compliance,
  • financing and security structures,
  • environment and safety,
  • procurement considerations,
  • land rights,
  • land use and land acquisition,
  • insolvency,
  • government guarantees,
  • foreign exchange and profit repatriation,
  • taxation,
  • sovereign immunity,
  • commercial dispute resolution,
  • enforceability of foreign civil and arbitral awards in Uganda
  • and labour law constraints.

Our professionals have participated in the development, financing, acquisition, delivery, commissioning and operation of complex infrastructure projects in Uganda, and we possess the local knowledge required to support clients in these processes.

Specifically, in the Oil & Gas sector, we possess expertise in the upstream, midstream and downstream energy value chain, licensing, commercial contracting, acquisition and disposal of oil and gas interests, oil and gas financing and other Uganda-specific legal and compliance aspects such as local content requirements.